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La Liga president Javier Tebas talked to MARCA about the possibilities of resuming the activities of the competition and revealed that most European leagues are thinking about returning late May or early June.

“The most likely dates to compete again, and the ones we talked about with UEFA are May 29th, June 6th or June 28th for all European leagues. That would give us time to resume training sessions without affecting those tea who are already following a specific training program with their players on their homes,” said Tebas.

He is not thinking about canceling the season yet.

“No, that’s not being mentioned at all so far. This is something we’re not considering, we want to finish the competitions, most likely behind closed doors. No big competition wants to cancel the season, I can assure you that,” he added.

La Liga is not considering changing the format of the competition.

“This is something quite must avoid because we sold our leagues and the Champions League to more than 100 broadcasters and we sold them with this format, with these teams and all the games. Changing the format would force us to write hundreds of new contracts. In my opinion, doing this is very risky,” explained Tebas.

He also talked about the effect all this could have on La Liga’s budget.

“Not finishing the 19-20 season would make us lose a billion Euros. If we finish behind closed doors, it would be €350 million and if we could play with the fans in the stadium we would still have a loss of €150 million,” he concluded.

The situation in Spain has improved during the last few days but it still looks like May 29th seems a bit premature. This was all mere speculation from Tebas and the rest of leagues in Europe, but at least it looks like they have some kind of plan.

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