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What are the minimum and maximum deposits on NaijaBet.com?

What is the minimum and maximum Payout on NaijaBet.com?

What are the charges on Deposit?

 What are the charges for withdrawal?

  • There are no fees for withdrawal. It is absolutely FREE.

Can I withdraw my deposits without placing bets?

  • No, you will be unable to withdraw your deposit, only your winnings can be withdrawn.

Can I use my international Cards?

  • No, you can only use Nigerian debit cards on Naijabet.com.

Can I fund my account via credit or debit card?

  • Yes. Using the ATM CARD 1 or PAYSTACK portal on the website.

How do I fund my NaijaBet account?

NB: User/Order ID is your NAIJABET Username

  • You can do a mobile/online transfer or a cash deposit into any of our bank accounts below:

Access Bank- Access Bank Plc. Account Name – NaijaBet LimitedAccount Number – 0759664193. Fidelity Bank- Fidelity Bank Plc. Account Name – NaijaBet LimitedAccount Number 6060254561.

NB: In case you get debited and do not get value, kindly contact us immediately so we can confirm and credit your account.

How long does it take for withdrawals to be processed?

  • Withdrawals are processed instantly up to 24 hours. Monday – Sunday.

 How long does a deposit take before it reflects in my account?


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